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Ok, so you want to have your very own woodwork shop, and the idea of it is so exciting you can hardly wait. But then you realize that the idea itself isn’t going to get it done. So where do you start? This is what I was up against as a youngster, but I was fortunate to have an uncle who had years of experience in building one, and getting it right the first time! He showed me how to make a plan that fit my space and budget.That’s what we are going to do here for those of you that are in the same predicament.

1. How Much Space Will You Need? If your craft uses hand tools to build furniture’s, workbenches etc., then you can get it done in an area of 300 sq ft. give or take. If you’re building wood-works for example cabinets, using small power tools like drills, planers, etc., 450 sq ft.outta do it.

Chances are that you will want to expand your woodworking plans down the line. In that case your shop is going to need more room, so be sure that your workshop location will allow for adding on floor space. Should you build it in the garage, the basement, attached to a side of the house? Just be sure there will be additional space when necessary.

Many wood workers eventually start adding large power tools like Miter Saws, Table Saws, Band Saws, a Drill Press, and more. If you’re that person, you’ll need to plan ahead for a larger wood-shop. Make scaled illustrations of a floor plan. Then draw separately the equipment you might be needing, and move them around to see which spot of the floor plan works best. Consider an online software like Sketch-up for 3D modelling to easily see how to your shop will look.







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