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Carpenter Hands Cutting Wood With Chisel Closeup

Gun Cabinet Woodworking Plans To Create The Perfect Display

Many firearm owners want a place to properly store their guns yet still have them on display and easily accessible. One of the best ways to do this is to use a gun cabinet. This may be locked to prevent accidents, but the guns can still be seen and accessed quickly if necessary.

Carpenter hands cutting wood with chisel closeupGun owners can choose to purchase a gun cabinet or build their own. It is easier to customize the cabinet if the gun owner builds it themselves, but it does take some woodworking experience. There are many gun cabinet woodworking plans available online. These are usually easily downloaded and then may be printed as a reference during the project.

As you are considering different plans, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, how much space do you have and how many guns will you store in the cabinet? These two factors will impact the size of the gun cabinet. Will you be also be storing ammo, gun belts, and cases? These too will help determine the appropriate size.

The type of guns to be stored should also be considered. If you are only storing long guns, that is one design. If however you are storing long guns, handguns and even a bow or two, your gun cabinet may need customized plans.

You should also think about the type of wood you want to use. Perhaps the rest of your wooden furniture is oak or maple. You might want to ensure that is what you use to build your gun cabinet. If your gun cabinet is one of very few wood pieces of furniture, then perhaps you can choose a wood that you really like. It is generally best to use some type of hardwood when building a piece of furniture and it is especially important when building something like a gun cabinet. You want the cabinet to be strong, durable and easily secured.

Security should be one of the primary considerations when building a gun cabinet. Even though you might want a glass front so visitors can see your guns, be sure and install shatter-resistant glass and a strong lock. The last thing you want is for an intruder to break the glass to get to your guns. Consider an alarmed lock if you have some really expensive guns in the cabinet.

Any gun cabinet plans you choose should include information on all required materials. The instructions should be easy to understand and follow and contain precise specifications and measurements. It is best to have a dedicated workspace for this project. This is a large, complicated project and may require several days or longer. Keep your space ventilated and ensure you have good lighting. It is a good idea to buy your wood a few weeks early and lay it flat to dry out before beginning. This helps prevent warping later on.

If you are a gun owner you might want to build a gun cabinet to display your prized collection. There are many great gun cabinet woodworking plans online or you can customize plans to meet your requirements.

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